Absolut Guacharaca

Absolut is going to release a new Colombian skin in February 2015, it will be called Absolut Guacharaca.
The skin is made to be used as a music instrument called Güiro.
A very very cool concept! Nice work on this one Absolut, i’m impatient to get it 🙂
For the moment, we don’t know exactly what kind of material will be used to make this skin… Plastic? Metal?
Let’s wait and see!

UPDATE 01/2015: Seems that finally TAC decide to cancel this edition 🙁


Absolut vodka collectors meeting in Ahus – Sweden – August 2014

This summer, Absolut invite 200 collectors & guests to a fantastic Collectors meeting.
I will post some pictures of this amazing event here, but first i would like to thank The Absolut Company and my friends Leon Lai, Lee Sheppard, & Ong Bissi, for the awesome work they did with this event.
As soon as i receive my new photography material, i will post more pictures 🙂


Absoly Soy Capaz de

Absolut just release a new Colombian limited edition bottle.
This is a regular blue label 750ml, with a white plastic foil on it (like CNC, Monkey, Glow, etc…).
It has a security cap.
From our source, this editions is limited to approximatively 1000 copies.
#soycapaz is a Colombian campaign made by some companies.