Absolut Botanik


In a world of artificial « ready to drink », Absolut bring a refreshingly simple offer to the market.
Absolut Botanic is a mix of Absolut single source Swedish vodka flavored with traditional botanicals inspired by Sweden.
Creating a contemporary drink that’s slightly sparkling.

Absolut Oak

Absolut just release the new version of the Amber, it’s now called ABSOLUT OAK.
As the Amber, the vodka of the oak is rested in oak barrels for smooth and slightly smoky character.
It seems there is a personalised number on the blue label stick on the front of the bottle.
Let’s see if the taste is the same as the Amber!

Absolut Denim Reval Guild

A flamboyant combination of past and present with a hint of magic and nobility. The stripes on the bottle reflect the iconic jeans – the Visionary Pants, as well as the playful spirit of court jesters or harlequins of the past. Each bottle is enchanted with a ruff collar, again an element of nobility from the olden times. In a way, harlequins represent the vibe of alcohol. They where considered to be an escape from reality, the entertainers who were the only ones allowed to make fun even of the king himself.

Absolut India

Absolut just release a new city/country bottle: Absolut India.
Available now in India/Asia
It is Mango and Pepper flavored vodka, and it’s designed by the artist Shaheen Baig.
It’s a painted bottle, and it will be available in 2 sizes: 750ml and 1l.
1l: 38400 copies & 750ml: 84000 copies

Absolut Colors V2

Absolut is going to release a variation of the Colors bottle release last year.
Let’s call it Colors V2.
As the first one, the bottle looks like the colors skin.
It’s a plastic foiled bottle released to support the LGBT community.
Judging from the picture, it will be available in 700ml, the cap is red, and the medallion is white.
Let’s wait and see…

Absolut Guacharaca

Absolut is going to release a new Colombian skin in February 2015, it will be called Absolut Guacharaca.
The skin is made to be used as a music instrument called Güiro.
A very very cool concept! Nice work on this one Absolut, i’m impatient to get it 🙂
For the moment, we don’t know exactly what kind of material will be used to make this skin… Plastic? Metal?
Let’s wait and see!

UPDATE 01/2015: Seems that finally TAC decide to cancel this edition 🙁

Absoly Soy Capaz de

Absolut just release a new Colombian limited edition bottle.
This is a regular blue label 750ml, with a white plastic foil on it (like CNC, Monkey, Glow, etc…).
It has a security cap.
From our source, this editions is limited to approximatively 1000 copies.
#soycapaz is a Colombian campaign made by some companies.