• 2012
  • Worldwide
  • 3 980 000 copies


The Unique is the 2012 end-of-the-year edition.

A special edition from Absolut, named for the fact that every bottle in the range is ‘unique’ – each has a numbered label and the same bottle shape, but other than that they are painted with different colours and shapes making each one different.

To make every bottle become unique, Absolut had to re-engineer the entire production process. The colourful bottles will be distributed worldwide. Everyone will find a design that catches their eye and becomes a truly personalized gift – or the perfect addition to a party or collection.

“Absolut Unique feels a bit ‘mad scientist,’ a bit street art. It’s a daring concept, even for a company as passionate about creativity as Absolut,” says Jonas Tåhlin, Vice President Global Marketing at The Absolut Company. “Anyone could do one or two unique products. We’re making four million.”

At the end of the gallery, you will find some of my unique bottle.

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