• 2011
  • Sweden & Greece
  • 80 000 copies


The bottle design was done by Fredrik Söderberg, a Swedish designer.

Söderberg integrated many Nordic symbols to the layout that refer to the Swedish heritage.

The name refers to the old name of the Swedish Kingdom Svea Rike which today is Sverige (the Swedish name for Sweden).

The vodka is flavoured with fresh notes of ginger and apple.


The only mandate was to interpret the “Swedish character”.  Fred landed in an understanding of how we in Sweden are constantly characterized by large fluctuations between seasons.

The front and back represent summer and winter solstice. Around the bottle, you can follow a story line that runs from spring to winter, and just like in the old Norse sagas, the bottle is framed by the Midgard Serpent. The details of the different meanings the viewer is taken on a journey through the Swedish mentality.

The apple is one of the oldest fruit and a natural choice in Swedish everyday life and an expression of Swedish late summer.  Ginger Spice as a long and often used in baked goods and is associated with the dark ages on July  The combination of these two ingredients gives a warmth and spiciness from the ginger, which meets the acidity and freshness of the apple taste.

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