• 2015
  • Estonia
  • 1200 copies


A flamboyant combination of past and present with a hint of magic and nobility. The stripes on the bottle reflect the iconic jeans – the Visionary Pants, as well as the playful spirit of court jesters or harlequins of the past. Each bottle is enchanted with a ruff collar, again an element of nobility from the olden times. In a way, harlequins represent the vibe of alcohol. They where considered to be an escape from reality, the entertainers who were the only ones allowed to make fun even of the king himself. Vodka having been combined spirit from water and ethanol can play tricks on both your mind and body, similar to a medieval jester, who could freely speak his mind without causing offense, using humor to mock, jibe and joke about the lords and ladies – nobles of the court. It’s a simple reminder not to take all matters too seriously and to always keep a free spirit.

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