• 2016
  • Korea
  • 186 000 copies


Absolut Korea, a coffee, almond and chili flavored limited edition capturing the essence of Korean traditions with a modern twist.

Created in collaboration with contemporary Korean artist, Heo Wook, the bottle design reflects a unique vision of Korea, transforming elements including traditional architecture, the Hangul alphabet and obang colours into a contemporary artistic presentation.

Absolut Korea reflects the vibrant and dynamic

culture of Korea, where old meets new, taking inspiration from the structural features of traditional architecture. Heo Wook transformed

the shapes into Korean letters from the Hangul alphabet, with each piece fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Each consonant and vowel is intricately combined to form the word Absolut.

The design uses the five symbolic Korean ‘obang’ colors blue, red, yellow, white and black. Yellow, the Korean symbol for ‘center‘, ‘bright’ and ‘hope’, stands out prominantly, symbolizing the dynamic and bright future of Korea.

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