• 2011
  • Colombia
  • 1 000 copies


The Glimmer Swarovski bottle is a re-edition of the Glimmer bottle, the 2010 end-of-the-year edition.

Absolut Glimmer Wears Swarovski:
After the success of the glimmer, Absolut binds to its history of design the launch of the new Glimmer bottle and gives even stronger version of Swarovski Elements.

With the slogan Make the exceptional, the renowned Swedish vodka brand Absolut Colombian launches its new limited edition bottle, a concept of elegance that challenges the traditional standard packing season.

With its sleek design and look of glass, Absolut Glimmer inspires consumers to use their best clothes and wearing those little indulgences to make everyday a memorable one.

It is precisely based on this concept that Absolut performed in Colombia a alliance with the famous brand Swarovski Austrian crystals, to bring to market a version of “luxury” of Glimmer, of which only 1000 units left, each numbered.

Absolut Glimmer Swarovski Elements are in 78 label blue crystals that give greater value to the bottle and make it a special piece that any collector would have.

The flashes of Swarovski crystals, recognized worldwide for its quality and brightness, coupled with the dazzling effect of the glimmer bottle, make this the perfect gift for the holiday.

Absolut Glimmer Swarovski Elements will be available at major liquor stores in Bogota, until December 31 2011 for approximatively 110 000 pesos.

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