• 2009 (2007 for the Disco)
  • USA (Worldwide for the Disco)
  • Unknown copies (2 900 000 copies for the Disco)


The original Disco skin is the 2007 end-of-the-year edition.

This flavor disco is a re-edition of the original Disco skin.


Shiny orange skin that contains a regular Mandrin bottle.

Taking its inspiration from the mirror ball, the classic dance symbol, the Absolut Disco gift pack is all about ‘dancing, having fun and giving your own interpretation of disco.’

The pack is made up of exactly 1,000 reflecting prisms, formed in the shape of a classic Absolut vodka bottle, and is opened by sliding it apart to reveal a bottle of Absolut vodka.

The empty gift pack can then be used as a mirror ball by hanging it from its integrated loop.

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