• 2017
  • Canada
  • 60 000 copies


A tribute to 150 years of forward thinking, the Absolut Canada bottle was designed in collaboration with Canadian textile artist Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott, renowned for her work with a custom computer program to design quilt patterns and laser cutting tolls to create futuristic home textiles. Through her quilts, she’s revitalizing a craft with a rich legacy by incorporating modern technology in her methods – a reflection of both Canada’s past and future.

To convey a message of Canada’s history and future, the bottle artwork uses a traditional quilt block ‘Maple Leaf’ design and a modernized Canadian colour palette: geometric shapes represent Canada’s diversity, and a grid reflects our expansive geography.

“Absolut is known globally for its limited edition bottles – everything from cities, to countries, to celebrating Pride or Andy Warhol, so we’re thrilled to bring a Canada-specific version to market at a time when celebrating our country will be at an all-time high,” says Vanessa Clarke, Senior Brand Manager at Corby Spirit and Wine. “Much like Canada, Absolut has a long history of inclusion and innovation, so we’re excited to have a bottle that is uniquely ours to reflect those synergies.”


  1. I have 3 of these bottle, unopened and signed by Libs and wondered how I go about getting them to someone that wants to collect them?

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