• 2016
  • Argentina
  • 69 300 copies


Old and new, light and dark. Broad avenues and narrow lanes. Popular and elitist. It all coexists in the city that embraces everyone, despite their differences, and adopts them as its own. The soul of Buenos Aires is what makes it a Cocktail City, and is also the heart of the new limited edition bottle, launched by Absolut in collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky and Costhanzo.

The Obelisk is the silent witness to the diversity that surrounds and characterizes Buenos Aires. It knows the city’s most intimate stories. It is also the favourite meeting point for porteños, a place to celebrate their joys and make their frustrations known. As part of its effort to represent the idiosyncrasies and identity of the city and its inhabitants, Absolut Buenos Aires uses the location of the Obelisk to represent its new visual. This limited edition bottle’s illustration is an interpretation of the perspective one obtains from the monument itself, a window onto the world of the Cocktail City.

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