• 2012
  • Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Malaysia, & Slovakia
  • 410 000 copies


The Absolut Vodka Wagner Blank Edition is the result of collaboration between the world market leader Absolut Vodka with a total of 18 previously known and renowned illustrators from around the world! The basic idea of ​​this series was to remodel the famous Absolut bottle handy in a canvas on which to ban international artists exhibit their works of art. It is not only a painter but also a creator of collages, sculptures and film-makers, which it did not take to contribute with their current work on this series. Among them are such famous names like Brett Armory, Zac Freeman and Adhemas Batista, who enjoyed extraordinary creations with us already.

And so now Mario Wagner: Cologne’s illustrator has made at numerous international exhibitions of his colorful collages a name and now controls the Absolut Vodka Blank Edition Wagner in with what will prove he is, how much Absolut Vodka his creative power and his wealth of ideas wings!

With this edition, in emerald green, gray and pink Mario Wagner created the Absolut Vodka Edition Blank Wagner certainly one of the most striking Absolut bottles of this series, which looks at us from a centrally positioned eye directly. In contrast, and behind them are from high-rise buildings and snow-capped peaks seen that create a lot of room for interpretation.

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