• 2013
  • Israel
  • 150 000 copies


The bottle commemorates Tel Aviv’s ficus tree boulevards. It serves as a tribute to nights filled with vodka and alcohol in the city, which is associated – internationally as well – with the club and nightlife culture.

“To understand Tel Aviv, one must walk its streets,” Pilpeled says of the bottle he created, as part of an initiative of the Tempo beverage company’s alcohol division and in cooperation with the Allenby Concept House owned by Srulik Einhorn and Guy Assif.

“I designed a sort of a two-sided setting with a window offering a peek into a Tel Aviv boulevard at night. In general, this city has so much energy that you get your inspiration by just feeling what you’re surrounded by,” Peled adds.

The bottle’s design is inspired by the night landscape of the Nordau, Rothschild and Chen boulevards.

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