• 2005
  • Worldwide
  • Core release


Absolut Apeach is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike most other flavoured vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. It’s smooth and mellow, with a sophisticated and fruity character of peach.

In 1879, Lars Olsson Smith introduced the continuous distillation with which he made Absolut Rent Brännvin (Absolute Pure Vodka). Instead of the usual three or four times, the vodka was distilled an infinite number of times. Absolut Apeach is made the same way; the only difference is the taste of peach. And, like the rest of the Absolut Vodka family, it’s produced in Åhus, L.O. Smith’s birth town. Since the process will never change, neither will the true taste of Absolut Apeach.

The main ingredients in Absolut Apeach are Absolut Vodka and peach flavour. Absolut Vodka is made from water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Åhus where it’s protected from impurities. The winter wheat is also grown in Åhus and differs from other crops: it’s sown in fall, and harvested the next one. It grows under the Swedish snow, developing its hard grain. Also, the use of fertilizers is minimized. Of course, the peaches are just as natural as the rest of the ingredients.


  1. Why did you change the flavor of Apeach to peach? It was such a good vodka and better than the others. Now it just tastes like you added fake peach flavoring and tastes like the cheap stuff. I am am so disappointed!
    Barb D.

    • Hi Barb,
      This website isn’t affiliated to The Absolut company, it’s just a collector website.
      From what i know, they only change the name and the design of the bottle, not the flavor.
      Have a good day !

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