• 1992
  • USA
  • 50 copies


Bottle #27 out of 50.

Carillon Importers Ltd. (the company that brought Absolut Vodka to America) contacted Inner Light Crystal to create an image and set of engravings to commemorate the 500th anniversary regarding the 1492 discovery of America.

Absolut Vodka sent Carillon Importers Ltd. 55 naked filled and sealed bottles intended specifically for the Absolut American limited edition, with no painted labels (the edition was for 50 bottles, the other 5 were for samples and artist proof).

The hand-engraved design depicts a native American Shaman woman holding a power quartz (dream) crystal, surrounded by an eagle spirit with classic American figures and symbols from the past, present, and future (Marilyn Monroe, the Space Shuttle, the Pyramid with All-Seeing Eye, etc.).

The images have been designed and hand-engraved by David Sugar and Carol Iselin of Inner Light Crystal.

The bottle comes with a beautiful sterling silver cap, intended to be a shot glass, with an inlaid turquoise gemstone (the other bottles had various colored semi-precious stones).

The bottle medallion, name plate, and medallions found on the handles are made of sterling silver.

The box itself is of solid, flame-burled oak and burled ash, lined with blue silk velvet.

Bottle #1 went to Michel Roux, President of Carillon Importers Ltd., bottle #2 went to the President of V&S in Sweden, bottle #3 went to former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Each copy features a certificate of authenticity signed by Michel Roux, David Sugar and Carol Iselin.


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