• 2012
  • Sweden
  • 2520 copies


Absolut Akademi is a bottle made by TAC to special business partner and Pernod Ricard employees.

There is two version of the academi bottle, the “regular” one, and the “pro” one.

The “regular” have a classic medallion.

The “pro” is only for the top bartenders from around the world. They get the bottle + adding a personalized sticker on the Lars Olsson Smith medallion. What is unique and exclusively for them.

Each bottle is numbered.

This edition was never sold to the public.


This version is personalized with my face on the medallion, offered by TAC to the participants of the meeting of collectors in Ahus, Sweden,  on 27, 28, 29 August 2014.

Big thanks to TAC and to the collectors that help to organise this awesome event!

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